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Services Offered at Capital Area Psychological Services

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  • Psychotherapy with adults across the lifespan
  • Family therapy
  • Marital therapy
  • Cognitive rehabilitation

Neuropsychological assessment of adults

  • Identifying cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Assistance with diagnosis and treatment planning for problems affecting mental abilities and the brain, including:
    • Developmental disorders
    • Academic difficulties
    • Attention disorders
    • Seizure disorders
    • Brain injury
    • Psychiatric disorders
    • Late-life memory problems
    • Alzheimer’s disease/dementia
    • Stroke
    • Other conditions affecting the brain
  • Assessing cognitive functioning for legal cases (e.g., brain injury, competency, etc.)
  • Evaluations in Spanish are available

Woman JoggingSports & Performance Psychology

Dr. Holly Serrao has experience working with individual athletes, sports teams, coaches, athletic trainers and other members of the athletics profession. She also co-faciliated an Injured Athletes Support Group and taught an undergraduate courses in Applied Sport Psychology. If you're interested to increase your potential psychologically in the area of athletics, click here to learn more.

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